Providing local training and support for Linux operating systems!

Linux is a free operating system (but donations to the developers of the kernel, distributions, and software is appreciated and helps them continue their wonderful work) for your tower or laptop computer. It comes with thousands of free software packages. It is maintained by a network of world wide developers. Because of this any vulnerabilities are found and patched quickly.

We can customize a Linux Debian LXDE  operating system, just for you! We can offer support for it, and train you how to use it.  We also provide PC repair and OS rescue services.

Are you tired of your computer force feeding you upgrades that change your desktop, leaving you confused and intimidated? Are you tired of viruses? Are you worried about your privacy and security?

It's time to end the cycle.

We can give you a comfortable layout for your computer. It will always be the same unless you decide to change it. No more privacy or security concerns. No more viruses!

Shown with a classic LXDE desktop (right click and select view image for full size)

Our Operating System of choice  is Linux!

Our distribution is Debian and our desktop is LXDE. Once your comfortable you can try out the new Moksha desktop also included.

Shown running the Moksha desktop (right click and select view image for full size)

We are serving Northeastern Indiana. 

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